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28 Jul

We’re back up, folks. Guess my overusage term cleared.

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A beautiful day in the neighborhood

27 Jul

Good morning, lovelies! Today was another beautiful Tuesday in the Greater Seattle area – we’ve earned it, I think, after the Winter-That-Would-Not-End 2010. It’s been so beautiful lately – 80° and up, most days. Winter tried to crawl on back for a day or two, slithering on it’s belly like a vile, slimy thing, but mostly Summer has kicked it to the curb for what looks to be the long haul. I have hopes for a nice Indian Summer as well.

I have found myself unable to post lately, for a couple of reasons:

  • I have been pretty busy enjoying the weather, the time of year, the light hours into the evening, and my family and friends. Sometimes it’s hard to blog about your life when you’re busy having one!
  • I sit down to write an entry and then find myself utterly uninspired, or feel that my fingers/brain/heart are not combining to make any good writing that day.
  • I have had other pursuits which have taken up more of my time, namely Weight Watchers.

Tomorrow will be my fourth WW meeting, and my third real weigh in since officially starting the plan. I have completely sucked at following points this week; we had a lot of social calls and then some days I was just rebellious. However, I climbed on the scale this morning and it appears as though I will still have something to celebrate tomorrow.

When you’re doing WW, or any new healthy lifestyle plan, you find yourself doing one particular thing a lot more than you are perhaps used to: cooking.

I have found a new love of cooking that I had allowed to become dormant. It is hard to have a continued love affair with cooking when your husband only likes 3-5 dishes that you make, and you can’t think of possibly eating those things again… and again… and again… Plus, the things I made before were hardly WW friendly. So, I have embarked on a quest to actually USE the cookbooks that I acquired 4 years a go when I was following WW before.

In other WW related news, I had a “non-scale” victory: I was able to try on shorts in the next size down today. (Yes, I bought shorts. It’s not a pretty sight, but it is way too hot for pants and it’s too hard to wear dresses every day. So I bought honest to goodness shorts – i.e. not Bermudas, pedalpushers, etc. – for the first time in YEARS.) That felt good, like: I CAN do this!

Well, I promised myself a respectable bedtime, so good night one and all!

Hello, again.

25 Jul

I’m not going to lie… writing on a blog other than my own saddens me. Quite a lot. My reasons for temporarily moving to are purely financial, and not without a grimace from me. As soon as I’m able, I will move back into, and add any posts I create here to that site, so don’t get comfortable. But if you’d like, you may update your link address for me to this one for now, on your blog rolls and in your google readers, or other such programs.

I will write a real entry soon, but this is an announcement that I do again exist on the internet, and I’m sorry it took me this long to semi-fix the situation.